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tv   Keiser Report  RT  August 22, 2018 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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and trafficking in vietnamese children to work in them is extremely worrying potentially thousands of children and young people are being trafficked from vietnam and exploited by ruthless criminal gangs hundreds of cannabis farms have been discovered in the british capital in recent years and specifically that number is said to be at three hundred fourteen that's one farm every two days from january twenty sixth in until april this year and of course what makes these matters worse is certainly concerns about who it is that's being to work at these farms or factories as they're described we do know that experts from campaign groups have been raising red flags about this issue for at least a decade now with headline circulating in the british press on and off throughout recent years trying to raise attention to this issue however experts are continuing to say that large numbers of children and teens from countries like vietnam and other places are trafficked to work out these kinds of farms and indeed this is
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being described as extremely worrying it's being said that over two thousand suspected trafficking victims were referred to officials just last year and that's a number that's being described as the highest on record and one of the concerns that containers have on this issue is that oftentimes these people when discovered working at these farms could be treated as criminals as opposed to victims and this is certainly seen as a very serious issue and we have sent out requests to the home office to the metropolitan police and trafficking groups such as anti-slavery international so we will be certainly updating this report once we hear back from them on this topic. and that does it for me i'll be back in about thirty four and a half minutes with a full look at your news stay with us the.
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the response to the two thousand and eight crisis was that the global bankers got together they really architected the global financial system to a standard a ten times the impact financial crisis in the future they did nothing however to undercut the ability for the bad actors the global banks to increase their balance sheets in the leverage by ten times and now here we are in twenty eighteen and back now the balance sheet of these banks of the central banks is ten times more level.
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and. hey there this is a boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm part chilled the same thank you for joining us coming up this time we focus on the euro zone and look at the good the bad in yes the ugly economies we don't know what the help of c.e.o. of strong market worry for which in from germany r t correspondent peter oliver and with u.s. sanctions on iran many companies and nations that do business with the nation are choosing to leave if they can tell what's behind all of it joins us from toronto and tell us about one company companies a french company told hall which is trying to lose plus one. go deeper and ask more
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questions about that story we reported on last week regarding the killing month santos purpose found in breakfast cereals tricks may not be for kids anymore are to correspondent sara months as the focus joins us plus it's been nearly nine months since the u.s. congress passed and president trump signed into law tax legislation to reduce taxes on companies and today we take a look at the impact so far with the executive director of the oh god to act center at american university professor donald williamson all that straight away and other jam packed broadcast but first we get to a few headlines as the summer of twenty eight thousand continues to roast the earth's northern hemisphere there is some big and not so great news on climate coming out of the united states the head of the trump administration's u.s. environmental protection agency or e.p.a. andrew wheeler signed a plan to allow increased greenhouse gas emissions from coal fired power plants the plan cynically titled the affordable clean energy rule rolls back president obama's
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clean power plan and delegate power to reget to various states to regulate coal states of course are expected to go easy on coal under the trump plan allowing a net increase of the emissions that are quickly changing our world for the worse but technical analysis behind the rule shows that an additional fourteen hundred people will actually perish will die by twenty thirty if the plan is adopted group seeking to keep the planet viable for human beings wouldn't that be nice as the beach boys thing hope to use the two thousand and seven supreme court case that ordered e.p.a. to regulate greenhouse gases as their legal tool to block the trump administration's plans in court and there's also politics of energy regarding climate change in australia as conservative prime minister malcolm turnbull today abandoned modest climate and energy plans after intense pressure from the right wing of his party specifically mr turnbull jettisoned
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a bill to require emission reductions of twenty six percent by two thousand and thirty leaving australia short of meeting their commitment under the paris climate agreement here's what prime minister turnbull had to say in the capital city of complera. now it is clear that in the absence of bipartisan support the legislation to move forward with the emissions component of the national energy guarantee will not be able to pass the house of representatives now in politics you have to focus on what you can deliver and that's what we've done and will continue to do. well mr trouble claim the bill can pass can't pass parliament the plan supposedly has support across political parties australians are increasingly demanding action on energy to remedy high prices and climate impacts both of which can be addressed with new clean energy capacity. and as we briefly mentioned here
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last time greece's bailout has officially ended though are there any policies imposed as a condition for those credit packages or remains in place starting in two thousand and ten greece asked for and accepted and it's compel rather to accept three different packages of financial aid totaling nearly three hundred billion euros from the european commission the european central bank and the international monetary fund in greece tentative plans to officially celebrate the bailouts and were cancelled e.u. commissioner of economic affairs pier of moscow viki hailed the bailouts and. the fact is that greece is transformative reforms have laid the foundations for a sustainable recovery putting in place the fundamental conditions need for sustained growth for job creation and for sound public finances indeed used to come this was the main goal of the program that and to date we all knew
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that greece concludes its program with a public debt level that these the highest of any member state. greek prime minister alexis tsipras compared the crisis and aftermath to homer's odyssey a national address an international drug. said our country is regaining its right to define its own fortunes and futures like a normal european country without having policies forced on it by foreign officials with no more blackmail no more sacrifices for our people. and in that regard we take a look at the good the bad and the ugly of the eurozone economies you can guess where greece lands to help us out we're joined by the c.e.o. of straw market and from germany r t correspondent peter oliver thank you very much both of you for being here and peter let's start with you the good not long ago some experts we reported here peter that said that germany could go into a recession as early as this june well as they saying not dead yet the second
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quarter growth for the country is surprised and pleased many peter what's the latest. well certainly not dead in fact alive and kicking is the german economy it's performed better than it had been expected for the second quarter of twenty eighteen posting growth of zero point five percent to g.d.p. that's up all of what the full cost is had predicted for the second quarter which was zero point four percent what that means is we're now looking at around two point three percent growth for the whole of twenty eighteen and in fact they're predicting that growth will continue through into twenty nineteen where we could see a further two point one percent growth of g.d.p. now they say well those numbers in fact well above the average growth levels full of the german economy over the last ten years so everything as you say looking well would be an understatement it's looking fairly rosy for the german economy at the moment and peter which specific sectors of the german economy seem to be making the
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most progress at least in the second quarter. trade it's all about trade really for germany in fact the figures that have just come out of showing that exports are at the center of the german economy we knew that already but the germany set to post the largest ever trade surplus for twenty eight hundred some two hundred ninety nine billion dollars in trade surplus made in germany is a stamp that sells around the world book it's putting so much of not of on trade isn't everybody's cup of tea in fact we've seen that upset donald trump it's also upset the european union seven point eight percent of germany's economy comes from exports now under the rules that are put in place to try and keep everything on an even keel by the e.u. you not supposed to exceed six percent so they've been getting it in the neck from the european union as well from brussels from the european commission as well as
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the criticism they've been hearing from donald trump over the atlantic but what we have seen in the second quarter is the german economy try to steer away from relying wholly on exports what we've seen is a big increase in consumer spending also increasing government spending as well and a lot of contributing factors have been given for this talking about high employment rates in germany at the moment also a rate rise in wages across the board in the country and the construction industry in germany if you look out on the skyline of burley and you see cranes almost everywhere you look construction is still booming and that is also getting that shot in the arm to the german economy and that's why all of the numbers are in the black and all of the arrows pointing up very interesting and hillary who is good and great but i want to give the bad economy in the euro zone have you have you
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talk about that and what about the greek debt crisis give us a quick refresher and how is the country position. now hillary thank you. for giving me greece but no actually i have to say you know bailout sounds like free money but it wasn't it's actually just more debt so i think the end of this is actually good for the greek economy and i think that it does give them back some degree of autonomy of though of course they're going to be still under the eurozone auspices i think what's important to note is how the austerity measures have taken place and they are proud of that take for example just the banking sector there were before the crisis of forty banks now there's nine there were sixty six thousand something starts now it's down to forty there were four thousand branches now it's down to two thousand i think you can see a lot of the austerity measures have taken place in terms of making the banking sector leaner and meaner and i think that's what the country needed there actually is projected to be a two percent growth of g.d.p. growth which is actually similar to germany's obviously a completely as a percentage so much smaller in terms of contribution to the european economy but i
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think that's good it shows that it's strong my concerns though are about what has happened during this crisis i mean about one hundred fifty thousand of their best and brightest have left there has been a brain drain and i think that's what's going to affect the economy in the future doctors lawyers accountants of all left in droves and going to other countries both in the e.u. to the nordic countries to the u.s. canada and china and i think that's a great pity and that's going to be a problem in the future rebuilding hillary get an excuse same question that i asked peter about the sectors which sectors of the greek economy were doing ok maybe which ones not well when you say sectors i mean the sad thing is there really isn't any hard industry so we can't point to things like we can in germany. the largest market cap company in greece is coca-cola so there isn't any large manufacturing i think two sectors that will continue to do well in that they have as an offering and a unique offering are tourism and agriculture tourism although over twenty million
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visitors that is projected it could grow exponentially. it's only at like about a third of its capacity athens could host you know three times more tourists than it does right now it all depends on efficiencies and if government regulations can be relaxed in terms of the amount of entrepreneurial businesses that want to start interest and then agriculture there are so many products that are unique to greece whether it's one of the number one exporters of both olives and all of oil and grapes and a lot of agricultural products that's the future for greece it peter real quick we've just got about sixty seconds mean what does this portend for the euro zone particularly in light of the trade tariff wars that we've been discussing lately well the strong numbers posted by germany they translate into stronger numbers for the rest of the eurozone we're expecting around two point one percent to be the growth across the single currency for the twenty eighteen there was times of real
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world tense times for trade because of the trump. well announcement of a trade war april to june but those worries seem to have dissipated following the deal done between donald trump and you e.u. . the e.u. lead her usual employed young commission president i got there in the end claudio because it was done back in july that seems to alleviated some of those tensions but if donald trump design decides he wants to double down on a trade war against iraq well that would have an impact in the future this is the thing we're dealing with this president in this white house we don't know what's going to come in the future that could lead to this insert could two uncertainty and not could have a an effect for the long run but as it stands the strong numbers posted by germany really that translates really in.


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